Rocket Optimizer
Mobile Video QoE and Mobile Video Optimization

Rocket Optimizer is a next-generation mobile video optimization solution that provides operators with Experience Assurance and cloud-based mobile video QoE management

Key Capabilities of Rocket Optimizer


Best-In-Class Mobile Video Optimization

Rocket Optimizer's unique cloud-based solution can instantly optimize nearly ANY video,  enabling instant full transcoding,  providing a 60% boost in bandwidth capacity while preserving best visual quality in the industry. It's not just video,  either – Rocket Optimizer allows operators to dynamically control,  in real time,  network-clogging high-bandwidth traffic of all kinds.

Flexible Architecture, Cloud Economics

Rocket Optimizer is a virtualized platform compatible with carrier cloud initiatives,  allowing operators to instantly expand mobile video optimization capacity to handle planned or unplanned spikes in network traffic. Additional optimization can be turned up in seconds as needed in the cloud – whether the carrier’s cloud or public clouds like Amazon EC2 - doubling or tripling capacity with the touch of a button. Only Skyfire’s flexible CloudBurst™ architecture allows for dynamic bandwidth elasticity that can stretch to sustain quality service delivery.

Experience Assurance - Cloud-Based QoE Management

Measurement and mitigation of bandwidth congestion in real time is now possible for every subscriber session on the operator network thanks to Rocket Optimizer’s Experience Assurance technology,  a cloud-based QoE management solution. For the first time,  mobile operators can measure,  quantify and instantly manage session-level quality of experience,  without the need to deploy an in-line appliance or RAN probe.