Skyfire Web Browser

Skyfire Web Browser is the award-winning social and contextual browser that put its users in complete control of their browsing experience. We pioneered the delivery of multiple video formats to the mobile browser back in 2008, and since that time, we've extended the capabilities of mobile browsing to make it more social, more contextual and deliver an "app-like" experience in the comfort of your browser.


  • Horizon

    With Horizon browser extensions, you can customize your browser with your favorite browser tools. Seamlessly move from webapps to browser without exiting, receive offers from online stores and much more!
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Omnibar

    The Omnibar allows users to perform a search or type in a URL all in the same field. You no longer need to switch back and forth between tiny URL & Search bars.

    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Share

    Read a funny article? Watch a cool movie trailer? Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email them with the Share Button. Everything you enjoy is a few clicks away from being the things your friends enjoy!
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Flash Video

    Play millions of Flash videos from around the web that otherwise would not play on browsers such as Chrome and Safari. This unlocks content trapped behind error messages with question marks.
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • User agent switching

    Load web pages as either a mobile browser or as a desktop browser. The desktop option gives you more flexibility in accessing web sites and allows discovery of video content that might not be visible on the mobile site.
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Touch effects

    Take the guess work out of what you’re trying to click. With “Touch Effects” a blue circle will show you what you’re touching. See what you touch and never click on the wrong link over and over again.
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Auto Full Screen

    View websites the way they're meant to be viewed – in glorious full screen. The top and bottom bars disappear as you scroll, but can be brought back with a quick flick of the screen. See more of the content you want to see.
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Offers

    Find money-saving deals and promotions related to the page you’re currently on, and easily clip & apply promotion codes when you check out. No more paying full price when you don’t have to.
    Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Custom Homepage

    Skyfire’s mobile homepage simplifies the mobile browsing experience by providing a homepage with Google search function, trending videos and various Flash enabled sites.
    Available on iPhone and iPad