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An Evolution for Skyfire, and an Exit for our iOS Browsers

35photo0_1Today is a bittersweet day for us here at Skyfire, though one that we have known was inevitable, as markets, browsers, apps and our own business priorities have evolved.  We will be removing “Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone” and “Skyfire Web Browser for iPad” from the Apple App Store tonight, after many years of success with it as our marquee product for consumers.

We proudly launched the Skyfire Web Browser at a time when Flash video was still active and popular, but missing from iPhone.  Millions of users downloaded our app over the years, and provided us with great reviews that boosted the app to the top spot on the Apple charts.  As Flash video increasingly became more outdated and less used, we added other features to the browser such as our current Horizon mobile browser extension platform, to help give our users the best experience possible.  With the decline of Flash video and the need for Flash video-rendering apps diminishing, along with the success that we have had with our operator-focused products, Rocket Optimizer and Horizon, we feel this is the right time to move on.

Our Rocket Optimizer mobile video optimization solution and Horizon mobile browser extension platform – which together are being used by 4 of the largest mobile operators in the world – have grown from the ground-breaking cloud-based technology we pioneered in direct-to-consumer products like Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone, iPad and Android (as well as even earlier browsers that we launched for Windows Mobile and Symbian).

While the Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone and Skyfire Web Browser for iPad will no longer be available for download in the Apple App store, they will continue to live as an app on your device until the end of the year, if you’ve already purchased it.  Please, continue to view Flash video, and customize and personalize the many extension options there to your heart’s content! Beginning next year, users will no longer be able to watch Flash video, but will still be able to enjoy all of the other features that the Skyfire Web Browser delivers. For iOS users still searching for a great mobile browser, our parent company, Opera Software, offers Opera Coast. While Opera Coast does not offer a Flash video player, it is widely considered one of the most cutting-edge mobile browsers available.  You can learn more about Opera Coast and download the app here.

While the inevitable evolution of our business is indeed bittersweet, we hope that our users understand that it is a necessary and ultimately inescapable move for us to make. To our users, we would like to thank you for your support, and for joining us on this journey. You were the ones that truly took mobile browsing to new dimensions.

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