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Are Russia’s Mobile Networks Ready For Next Week’s Olympics?

skyfire-survey-dataThe 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us, and with it, strong event-driven demand around the world for mobile video highlights, live streaming and more. It begs the question: are Russia’s networks, which will be facilitating mobile access for all visitors to Sochi next week, up to the task when it comes to streaming video? We decided to find out.

Today we released a survey of mobile video on Russia’s networks, conducted in conjunction with both OpenSignal and On Device Research. It turns out the over one-third of videos on Russia’s 3G networks are subject to stalling and buffering, with over a quarter of videos subject to significant stalling. “Significant” is defined as 10% of the video’s playback time spent staring at the dreaded “spinning wheel of death”, which, for most people, renders the video unplayable. This data is confirmed and amplified by qualitative data gathered from Russian mobile users, 50% of whom report an unsatisfactory experience when trying to play video on Russia’s 2G and 3G networks.

We invite you to take a look at the survey findings here. Thankfully Russian operators have options to combat the growth in OTT video traffic on their networks, including our own cloud-based mobile video optimization solution Rocket Optimizer. It brings a unique focus on real-time, cloud-based QoE (Quality of Experience) detection and mitigation for each video stream. It is designed to ensure that networks are flexible and elastic enough to withstand the video streaming demands coming in 2014 and beyond – in Sochi, in Rio, in Mumbai and around the world.

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